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Full Version: Ranking of Local Rink Dining
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  1. AZ Ice Gilbert - two actual restaurants and a bar. If you can't find anything to eat here, you're too picky.

  2. Ice Den Scottsdale - good food in a nice atmosphere. Only complaint is the value. Small portions for high prices. They should have expanded the rink view windows with the rennovation.

  3. Ice Den Chandler - nearly the same as Scottsdale but without the pizza oven. Great view of the rink from almost anywhere.

  4. AZ Ice Arcadia - Good stiff drinks often on special too. You may go home smelling like a deep fryer though.

  5. AZ Ice Peoria - Almost like Arcadia, but with worse seating. Beer doesn't seem cold enough. I'm not sure this kitchen would pass an inspection.

  6. Open Bag of stale Goldfish in your car

  7. Oceanside - Enjoy your popcorn and cup of Maxwell House.


Don't forget the new Mesa rink... do they serve anything there?


Mesa rink: "Is Pepsi OK?"