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Full Version: Closing down some teams next year
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Heard from a friend that their team was shut down and will combine with other teams.  Anyone have a list of teams that won't exist next year?


They could just consolidate each geographical area into teams for the schools with the largest enrolments with preference given to those already fielding a D1 team. Using that method, ten teams are:

1. Hamilton
2. Perry
3. maybe combine ND and Brophy?
4. Desert Vista
5. Corona
6. O'Connor
7. Pinnacle
8. Chaparral
9. Flagstaff
10. Tuscon

Or get rid of school names entirely so no preferences are given and just have Team Chandler, Team Gilbert, Team Scottsdale, etc.


Got an email from AHSHA saying Desert Mountain and Cactus Shadows are no more and will combine with Chapparal and Horizon. Feels like a good move to strengthen D1 and to allow D3 players to play D3 and enjoy the game more.