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Ahsha covid rule - Dr Fauxi - 02-20-2021

Why issue a rule on limited attendance with no intention to follow?
Grandparents are missing my son's final high school games because ahsha said only parents.
Meanwhile the stands are loaded with girlfriends and students clearly in violation of the policy.

RE: Ahsha covid rule - Guest - 03-02-2021

Since no further posts on this. Wondering if gramps and granny able to find a stream of the loss?

RE: Ahsha covid rule - Guest - 03-15-2021

All the rinks except Mesa have Livebarn, so hopefully yes.

I would also suggest that the grandparents are the ones who should probably follow the limited attendance rules, students and girlfriends (who are not students?) are much less likely to catch / spread any germs they aren't already spreading at school.