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Camp - anon - 02-28-2021

Anyone know anything about the west coast elite camp in arizona?

RE: Camp - Guest - 02-28-2021

Have heard mixed reviews. It's mostly a bunch of Arizona kids with a handful of players from other western states. With Covid restrictions, it might draw kids (and maybe some scouts away) from the Pacific ID Camp this year. Depending where you're coming from and what your goal is with it, it might be perfect for you or a pricey vacation to Phoenix during one of the most miserable months of the year. There's also the Global Las Vegas camp out this way which seems to have positive reviews.

RE: Camp - Guest - 03-01-2021

You think it's a good camp to get scouted? The email says they're boasting a strong scout roster this season.

RE: Camp - Guest - 03-02-2021

Sure. If you want to play Hampton Roads.

RE: Camp - Guest - 04-13-2021

Does anyone know like the skill level of this camp?

RE: Camp - anon - 04-13-2021

[quote pid="563" dateline="1618336159"]
Does anyone know like the skill level of this camp?

It's decent competition.  My boys have always done league showcases rather than these one-off money grabs though. Reason being is you know you're actually being seen by multiple teams in the league hosted events.