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Spring Programs - guest - 04-05-2022

CAHA Spring Training
Spring Training 2022 (jrcoyotes.org)

2022 Spring Development Program (arizonahockeyunion.com)

Summer Hockey 2022 (aztitanshockey.com)

JSD Elite 2022 Spring Camp (dyhahockey.org)

RE: Spring Programs - Guest - 04-05-2022

Bobcats Spring program


RE: Spring Programs - Guest - 04-06-2022

And AHSHA spring 3x3 hockey sold out almost instantly.

I find it amazing that the associations are conceding the Midget market to AHSHA...

RE: Spring Programs - Guest - 04-06-2022

So there is a list of 6 organizations with spring clinics besides the AHSHA 3x3.
Also there is High School Summer League at AZ Ice Gilbert.
Then there are other shorter events like USA Hockey Player Dev. Camp and West Coast Elite.

Which association is not trying to trying to get Midget age customers? Or was that sarcasm?