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Jr Coyotes Tier 1
(05-06-2022, 09:38 PM) Wrote: ?? well given the Bobcats won the 18U and 14U tier 1 division the last year they had tier 1 (20-21 season) I do not think your claim is valid. Sounds to me like the Jr Coyotes were a bit butt hurt that year and didn’t want to face the reality that the Bobcats were/are a better program.

Exactly. The Bobcats traditionally have had the stronger collection of Tier I programs and just overall in Arizona, and they have a solid reputation nationally. DYHA threw a monkey wrench in Tier I when they started offering Tier I teams, as there's just not the talent for three programs across the board. Not DYHA's fault, they are very competitive as well, and I would have done the same in their shoes. But we can have two tier programs per age group in the area, perhaps Jr Coyotes can focus on the younger end (since they are not interested in Midget development) and Bobcats/DYHA can focus on Midget. But that would take AAHA to do the right thing for the players and unfortunately the last few years have seen a major regression in the leadership of AAHA. They seem to be more about themselves than they are the players. They need to follow the AHSHA model which seems to continuously evolve for the betterment of the players.

The Jr Coyotes need to realize they are now the stewards of elite hockey in all of Arizona, not just the rich Paradise Valley donors to the Jr Coyotes program and not just the players that have played in the org for years. Right now that's happening on a case by case basis depending on coach. There's a reason the strong Bobcats 04s didn't even bother trying out for 18AAA this year given their daddy coach's reputation being about his kid and kid's friends. They have a new 16U coach so will see if bringing an outsider in helps things.

If this trend of not being open and not getting the right players on AZ's Tier I teams continues (it's only been one year) then we'll see AZ hockey going the route of California, where orgs like San Diego and Burbank and GSE created such great AA programs that AAA players left the Jr Ducks and Jr Kings and Jr Sharks for those programs. California has seen this pattern and has now opened up Tier I to more than just the NHL-named programs - they have 6 AAA teams at 16U and 18U next year and 7 at 15O. All because Jr Ducks, Jr Kings, and Jr Sharks played politics instead of catering to players, and players left to the non-political organizations.

Would love to see next year's Bobcats 18AA team play Jr Yotes 18AAA.

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