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Tier 1 in AZ. Just one org?
Hearing DY and Bobcats are having their Tier 1 status rescinded. 
If true, it's a new day for AZ youth hockey. Neither organization has any business being AAA.
Not because they're poorly run. Just because there is not enough talent in AZ (yet).
Heard the same story.  So they both go back to Tier 2?  Or do Bobcats try to do something else on their own?
They probably both pitch a bitch, blame covid for their troubles, appeal the decision, and then one will come out AAA again, while the other takes a step back (to reality).
IMNHO, AZ would be best served with two *independent* Tier 1 programs; both programs vying for AZ’s top talent.  Having three clubs was clearly too many.  Having a single club monopoly is not in the best interest of the kids/families.  Just look at the Clown Show that is NorCal with their single club T1 monopoly; compare that with the competition in SoCal. 

AZ can support two T1 programs and have both clubs in the top 50% of T1 programs.  Trying to run three programs is how you routinely end up with the second and third club in the bottom 20%.

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