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Board meeting
How did the board meeting go on 3/14? I heard there were some changes being discussed. Has anyone heard?

1. Someone in Arizona gets the memo that you need to play the puck to bodycheck. California and Texas has this problem too. Canada and the rest of the US got the memo a couple years ago. Too many AHSHA players just run around looking to hit players.
2. We add one - just one - AAA association at 14U, 16U, and 18U to add in some needed competition. DYHA seems more than capable of putting AAA teams on the ice. With their new facilities, allowing them to declare Tier I seems like the right move.
3. At the same time, someone please stop the madness of VOSHA declaring Tier II teams. Seriously, WTF.
"DYHA seems more than capable of putting AAA teams on the ice."
That's funny. Did you miss the 20-21 season when they tried that? Just go to MHR and scroll to the bottom of the AAA standings for pretty much any age group and you can have your memory refreshed.

Vosha does need to stop. It's just mean to the kids and the parents are the crankiest in town because they hate to see their kids get embarrassed so often.
Any real answers?
The 20-21 season had the exact T1 sabotaging result CAHA schemed for when they sued for a 3rd T1 team in AZ.

No player base is best served with a monopoly. Having two organizational choices is the best way to improve the region, as it holds organizations accountable for the BS they are free to pull as a monopoly.

I can name a legit T1 line of players in my son’s birth year that plays Tier2 because they have been black-balled by the monopoly... for reasons other than ability and character. The monopoly must end. (FWIW, my son is not one of the black-balled.)
(Oops posted this under the wrong thread)

I just can't see AAHA allowing another AAA program until the Jr Coyotes show they can compete nationally. The 16U team was pretty fortunate to make nationals, having lost to Dallas in the tournament yet getting another shot and squeaking by them. Right now the bar in Rocky Mountain District is Dallas, and Arizona is trying to demonstrate they can put out teams that can compete with Dallas and then nationally. Otherwise players are going to continue to leave the area for Cali and TX and CO for better development opportunities. Now, I don't agree with that, I would rather see the associations that show they can develop players field the AAA teams, but the decision has been made that CAHA is associated with an NHL team so they get the AAA team.

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